Europe In Luxury Services

Europe In Luxury’s Concierge Touch

Upon your initial inquiry, Europe In Luxury listens to your requirements and collects the necessary information to help you achieve your memorable trip.

Prior to departure, Europe In Luxury meets with you at a location near you or over the phone to:

  • Review the Europe In Luxury tips.
  • Answer any last questions you might have.
  • Wish you great memories.

Apartment Rental

For your chosen European city, Europe In Luxury selects three to five optimal apartment choices per your specifications (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, etc.).

After you identify one to two preferred apartments (based upon the online descriptions, amenities, photos and other renters’ comments Europe In Luxury provides), Europe In Luxury negotiates a discounted monthly rate from the apartment owner.

Please note:

    • Europe In Luxury not only suggests apartments from popular USA-based web sites, such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and VRBO. Europe In Luxury receives regular travel-related magazines, emails and browses many popular travel and local/in-country apartment rental web sites.
    • To maintain the ~$10,000 monthly budget, Europe In Luxury anticipates a one bedroom/bathroom luxury apartment with terrace and parking for a single couple. Two bedrooms/bathrooms for a single couple are possible, but may slightly increase the budget.
    • Europe In Luxury can also handle multiple bedroom/bathroom apartment requirements for any number of travelers or couples, and for durations less than a month.

It is your responsibility to finalize the rental agreement and make the down payment – typically 25% – directly with the owner/management company. Your final payment is typically due to the owner/management company 30 days before arrival.

If you’d like to also plan a short trip to a nearby city or cities from your chosen European city, Europe In Luxury can – for a small, additional fee – coordinate apartment rental as well as propose air/car options depending upon costs and/or driving time.

    • Even a two- or three-day rental is cheaper or equivalent to a nice hotel, but can be more convenient and relaxing.
    • It is your responsibility to finalize rental down and final payments, as well as any airfares.


Airfares differ by city, time of year, travel/purchase day of the week, and single or dual carrier (with a single carrier or partner airline preferred due to convenience). Europe In Luxury investigates options to reduce cost and any ground travel necessary to reach your chosen European city.

Europe In Luxury stays in close contact with you during your optimal period to purchase tickets at the lowest cost.

    • Purchases made approximately six to seven months in advance are the best deal.
    • Early ticket purchase can also assist with reserving better seats to improve your comfort.

It is your responsibility to purchase the tickets directly from the carrier.

Car Rental

Car rental costs can vary greatly among rental agencies and car types in different countries and cities. Europe In Luxury evaluates the various options across agencies, using typical web sites as well as any memberships you might have, such as Costco, AAA, USAA, your company, etc.

Because you do not need to make any early payment, it’s a good idea to secure a car rental as early as possible (except with AAA for lowest offer). Europe In Luxury makes this reservation in your name. Using a credit card is not required, thanks to the way car rental agencies work.

Europe In Luxury continues to regularly monitor rental rates in your target arrival city until you purchase your airline tickets. If Europe In Luxury finds a lower rate for a similar car, Europe In Luxury updates your car reservation.

After airline ticket purchase, Europe In Luxury continues to monitor rental rates in your target arrival city on a monthly basis until your departure date. If Europe In Luxury finds a lower rate for a similar car, Europe In Luxury updates your reservation and informs you accordingly.

Trip Insurance

Trip cancelation and interruption insurance is always a good investment. Europe In Luxury investigates different reputable insurance company costs in your chosen country against a coverage dollar amount you specify. Europe In Luxury also consults with you on the insurance coverage amount and optimal time to secure insurance based upon apartment rental and airfare lock-in.  (Also see Travel Insurance under Monetary Tips.)

It is your responsibility to determine when to purchase the insurance and select your desired coverage from your preferred insurance company.

Travel Guides

For your chosen European city, Europe In Luxury provides:

  • An industry-recognized Travel Guide
  • A list of the top attractions to see
  • A list of amazing day trip cities/locations

Client Feedback

Europe In Luxury contacts you upon your return to confirm your satisfaction and solicit your feedback on how to improve service for your next trip.