The New Valencia: City of Arts and Sciences

Our great friends arrived in the early afternoon, which allowed us time to visit the mercado/market and Plaza of the Virgin (outside the Basilica de la Virgin and behind the cathedral) to enjoy a drink at Café & Tapas (best sangria in town and now our favorite place to people-watch).

beachWe spent the next couple days showing our friends around Valencia, including the beach, a great beach-side restaurant for lunch, and another trip to the mercado to buy some fresh shellfish and other seafood that a nearby restaurant, El Rocito del Medo, cooked for 4€!!

We also spent a day visiting the New Valencia and its City of Arts and Sciences (some say Valencia’s main attraction). This city consists of a planetarium, Oceanografic (aquarium), opera house, and science center. Beautiful architecture makes the New Valencia a must see. Oceanografic is pricey at 25€ per person. The other attractions cost less, but are still expensive.