Annecy – The Venice of France

Alicia’s birthday quickly occurred after our arrival in Lyon. (Our departure was delayed a week due to Alicia’s dad passing. A great guy who lived a productive and joyful life. At 94, he was ready to enjoy the next life – for sure he had a non-stop ticket.) And, thanks to trip insurance, we were able to reschedule our flights and extend our apartment stay another week with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

14980692_945100352301471_6565967773927840154_nSo we headed out to Annecy, France in the foothills of the Alps. Annecy is sometimes called the Venice of France. I call it one of the most beautiful small cities in the world, with a charming canal and lake.

We rented a small efficiency in the heart of the town/action for two days. Perfect to see all the sights by foot and participate in the nightlife.

Weather continued to be our friend. We walked everywhere, stopping at shops, bakeries, restaurants, and parks all along the rushing canal. One of the main attractions is the Old Town Prison – a wedge-shaped building in the middle of the canal and now a museum. Stunning at night, as are all the areas along the canal.

We explored every available minute, ate in a truly French restaurant for Alicia’s birthday – definitely not one of those (also great) 12€ per person restaurants, and took a three-hour boat ride around the lake. I think I earned a lot of points for picking this spot.

Back To Lyon Via Lake Geneva

flowersBecause we were so close, we decided on a whim to head back to Lyon via Lake Geneva, Switzerland. After an hour’s drive, we arrived… got lucky with a metered parking spot… deposited four hours’ worth of coins, and walked the shores of Lake Geneva.