A Great Month of Memories

During the remaining few days, we walked the city around the Theater Plaza, which provides great people-watching opportunities.

Because we had a 7 AM flight from the airport 40 minutes outside Lyon, we stayed in an airport hotel our last night. So we had a full day with our car to explore after checking out of our apartment. On one of our prior day-trips, I noticed a winery that I’d bought some wine from at Costco’s (in Dallas). It seemed like a good way to spend the day. However we discovered, E-Gugal Winery does not offer tours – bummer, but beautiful vineyards.

When it started to rain, we knew our living experience in Europe had come to an end. It was time to return to reality with our many memories intact.

As we headed to the hotel, we knew Lyon with its many places to see; plazas to eat, drink and people-watch; amazing churches; and all its surrounding towns with great history was the perfect choice for our second year of luxury in Europe.

We are now looking for our next adventure in 2016.