About Us & Europe In Luxury

Hi. Mike here. My wife, Alicia, and I have been spending Septembers in Europe for the past three years.

Over this time, I learned how to rent fabulous apartments, eat great regional food, drink good wine, explore at our own pace, and enjoy an affordable month of memories in a European city and surrounding area for approximately $10,000, all inclusive for two. (Even less per couple when traveling with others.)

I’m sharing my learnings with you – free of charge – if you choose to go for it on your own.

But I know I can help you make even more lasting memories with my Concierge Touch for an absurdly nominal fee. I look forward to the privilege.

Some background…

I retired several years ago. I have the good fortune to fill my time with great friends, golf, volunteering, three wonderful sons who live in the Dallas area, four amazing granddaughters, and my wife and best friend, Alicia.

Alicia and I decided we want to enjoy retired life to the fullest while our health is optimal. No regrets!

I traveled a lot during my career in communications. First I traveled weekly throughout America, but then expanded to one to two week trips each month for over 25 years to Europe, South/Central America, and Asia.

Having experienced international travel on an expense account, I wanted to share exploring Europe with Alicia in similar style.

Although we have the cash flow to manage our normal monthly expenses, we need to carefully balance our retirement funds with the desire to travel in luxury – so we can maintain confidence we’ll have adequate funds to handle old age (whatever that means).

Alicia’s birthday is in September. So we decided to go someplace in the world at this time. Someplace for now is Europe.

We also decided we wanted to:

  • Focus on 2nd-tier cities vs. major cities, such as Paris, Rome, London, etc., that we previously visited during my career. We love major cities, but they are crowded and full of tourists.
  • Not be bound by the agendas encountered with a group tour or cruise. Alicia occasionally traveled with me and we enjoyed our time after my business meetings concluded, spending a few additional days traveling in some direction with no agenda. Stopping where we saw an interesting town, castle, church, or restaurant. Deciding upon a place to stay in a city that felt right.

Thus, 2nd-tier cities – cities with 500K to 1 million population and lots to see and do – became our target locations, with a luxury rental apartment as our home-base strategy.

And the rest, as they say, is history.