Concierge Touch

When renting an apartment, some of the items you take for granted at home likely won’t be provided in your rental.  Here are some of the things we bring – some not provided, some due to my being a creature of habit.

•    Hangers.  Although there will be a few hangers in the apartment, you will definitely have need for more given cloths for a month.
•    Wine bottle accessories.  There will be a wine bottle opener in your kitchen – but it may not be to your liking.  So, bring your opener (insure its small). Also, having wine bottle stoppers along with an air pump can save those last glasses in the bottle.
•    Zip Lock Baggies.  These can preserve your cheese and bread etc.  They are difficult to find in Europe.  Invaluable to keep leftovers.
•    Bar of soap.  Sure you can get soap at the grocery store but maybe not the kind you prefer.  We use ~5 bars over a month.  At least bring a single bar for your shower upon arriving at apartment.
•    Flavored coffee creamer.  If you like Vanilla, Hazelnut or Bailey’s, you won’t easily find these in Europe.  Take small liquid, non-refrigerate bottles or powdered dispensers to give you that extra flavor.  Or, simply buy some Baileys liquor.
•    Washcloth.  Typically only bath and smaller towels are provided.  Bring if you or your partner also prefer a smaller towel.
•    Country map. Barnes and Nobel maps are great.  AAA are also good.  City maps are best acquired from a City Tour Office or at the arriving airport.
•    DVD/Movies.  You’ll be hard pressed to find more than a few English speaking TV stations.  Bonanza and Texas Detective Walker will get old after a few days.  Movies with wine and cheese can result in a relaxing evening.  Your apartment may offer a DVR.  But if you want to use your computer, also bring an external interface cable with an HDMI connection for TV.
•    Streaming.  Netflix, etc. services are blocked in several European countries and the Internet bandwidth in your apartment may not support Amazon Prime, etc. streaming well.  But, bring your Amazon Prime, Roku etc. interfaces, just in case.
•    Music on your cell phone.  Like TV, music on your car radio will be local (i.e., not in English, even songs).  On day trips outside the city, music may be enjoyable.  Also bring a cable to connect your mobile phone to the car’s AUX input jack (same cable as used in USA but difficult to find in many European cities).
•    Power adapters for your digital devices to plug into for power.  There are many power outlet configurations across Europe.  Identify which you will need and source on Amazon.  Get a 6-pack as best unit price and offers sufficient number of simultaneous plug options.