Strategy for Good Wine

I admit I’m not an expert here, but I know that favorite wine you buy at home will not be readily available in Europe.  My approach:
•    Get a couple bottles at the grocery that “look/read good”.
•    Then, find a wine store near your apartment.  Ask the owner/agent who meets you at the apartment upon arrival to give you keys, collect any damage deposit, etc. for a recommendation.
•    Ask the wine store’s “guy who knows his stock” which bottles match your stated tastes and desired price range.  I like to start at 12€.
•    Once I find a bottle that is delicious, I mostly stick with it.  (Even if I find it in the grocery.)
•    Liquor:  USA Duty Free is not always a good deal.  At the Dallas Ft. Worth airport, a 1.75L bottle of Jack Daniels sells for $50.  Jamison, 1L bottle, is $40.  In Valencia, Jamison was 18€ for 0.7L.  Jack was 16.50€.  Other countries/cities may be slightly more expensive but typically equivalent/more convenient when you consider the need to carry Duty Free goods through “TSA-like Inspections” at any European hub city on route to your destination.